Air Conditioning Service Perth

Comprehensive in-house air conditioning services and products in Perth

If you’re looking for quality and affordable air conditioning services in Perth, Total Kooling Solutions has what you need. From quotation to installation, warranty and after-sales servicing of your new air conditioner, we offer a complete, in-house personalised service.

As a proud, family owned and operated business based in Rockingham with more than 60 years combined experience, the owners of Total Kooling Solutions provide a wealth of knowledge about air conditioning designs and installations.

If you’re uncertain about the installation process, the owners of TKS will explain the entire procedure to you and answer any queries you may have. Ensuring the finest attention to detail, our staff members are well versed in all our products and skilled with installations, ensuring your peace of mind.

When you buy a Total Kooling Solutions product, you’re investing in quality. Choose from our products and services below, each of which offer complete customer satisfaction:

  • Reverse cycle air conditioning supply & install.
  • Fully ducted
  • Wall split systems
  • Service/warranty/repair/maintenance
  • Authorised Daikin dealership
  • Wood/gas heaters
  • Obligation-free quote
  • In-house installation

Ducted Air Conditioning

We offer quality ducted air conditioning solutions to corporate and private clients in Perth. With our ducted systems you can control temperatures throughout your home or office. Designed for heating and cooling, these reverse cycle air conditioners give you complete climate control, providing comfortable environments.

Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioners are ideal for Perth weather all year round, offering a range of solutions for air conditioning one room or a specific area of a home. Wall mounted split system air conditioners are a natural choice for those wanting the comfort of a unit that blends unobtrusively with its surroundings. The same technology that makes the Daikin indoor unit so compact also makes it powerful, yet whisper quiet and energy efficient. Daikin’s air purifying filters and innovative air flow systems ensure that fresh, conditioned air flows to every corner of the room.

Wooden Heating & Gas Heating

Our wood fire heaters are the perfect solution to beat the chill of Perth’s upcoming winter. Choose from our selection of inbuilt and freestanding gas and wood heaters. These particular heating systems are becoming more attractive to property owners. For advice on the best place to put your heater, ensuring you get the best performance from your purchase, chat to our team today. We looking forward to advising and assisting you.

If you’re moving into a new home or building a new property, contact Total Kooling Solutions today for heating and air conditioning installations in Perth.

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